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  • Japan INFLIDGE contract executed
  • Move the headquaters in April
  • Chamber UV Curing system developed
  • Membership registration in KITA(Korea International Trade Association)
  • CE Certificate: UV LED RUV-1508
  • CE Certificate: UV LED RVC610
  • CE Certificate: RW-61012CW
  • CE Certificate: UV LED RVC400
  • CE Certificate: UV LED RVC500
  • Electrodeless UV curing system developed
  • Export UV curing system in China
  • Export UV curing system in America
  • An appearanc on TV: Asia Economic Close-up
  • Automatic exhibition in Shanghai
  • Distributorship agreement in Shanghai
  • CE Certificate: RW-4204SE
  • CE Certificate: UV LED RVC600
  • Incorporation of going business
  • Techcon Pnumatic Type JET Dispensing System
  • Panasonic UV curing system contract executed
  • CE Certificate: UV LED RVC300
  • CE Certificate: UV LED DU400
  • Pressure Tank system developed
  • Establish plant at Yong-IN
  • VISION Table Robot developed
  • Handy CARRIER TYPE UV Curing system developed
  • HHS Electromagnetic Type JET Dispensing System developed
  • AEC contract executed
  • Lamp Type UV Curing System developed
  • Germany VISCO TEC contract executed
  • Japan MORITEX contract executed
  • Big size vaccum Tank system developed
  • Japan IWASAKI UV meter contract executed
  • Feb 27, 2012 incorporated
  • LED Type UV Curing System developed