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Home Product Introduction Lamp type UV Curing machine
  • X-Y1-Y2-Z-axis simultaneous interpolation
    Possible three-dimensional linear motion
    Various Feeder
  • Model : RUV-TWIN-TR
    Axis Units : 4-axis Ezi Servo Motor
    Resolution : 0.001mm
    Control Speed : 0.1 ~ 600 mm/sec
    Work Area :
    X-Axis = 410mm,Ball Screw
    Y-Axis = 300mm,Ball Screw
    Z-Axis = 100mm,Ball Screw
    Positioning Accuracy : ±0.005mm
    Control Method : PTP & CP Control
    Programming : Easy-Tracer (Built-in)
    Overview Dimensions : W650x D518 x H604
  • - Embedded control devices with high reliability and stability
    - X-Y1-Y2-Z-axis simultaneous interpolation 3-D straight line operatively
    - Ezi Servo and speeds up the use of Dual Work Plate
    - Only signed drivers, standardized mounting Sikkim
    - Tightening torque / speed can be set for each model Screw
    - Screw tightening position is automatically aligned to JAW Auto Supply System
    - Various Feeder technology acquisition (drum type, disc type, Etc)
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